Meditation Course online – based on Mindfulness and Zen buddhism

My meditation courses online are designed to teach meditation techniques for focus, pain or stress management, and well-being. The meditation classes use mindfulness meditation techniques. Since I am a specialist in orthopedics, my medical experience ensures that health aspects of meditation can be conveyed competently. The courses mainly give instructions for your own meditation practice, the effects of the meditation techniques can only be achieved through your own practice.

The courses follow the guidelines of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association and were taught by Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner (Zenways) who has experience with meditation courses for about 30 years.

The meditation courses take place once a week in the evening for eight weeks. Depending on the number of participants, they last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. With this course participants can learn basic techniques with which they can start their own safe meditation practice. During the course, participants should practice meditation techniques from the course on a daily basis. In this way they can achieve success with meditation and gain sufficient experience with the techniques. The time commitment per day is about 30 minutes, for most participants this was a very worthwhile investment.

  • Course 1: Introduction, Basic Questions, Bodyscan Meditation
  • Course 2: Stress Management, Bodyscan Meditation
  • Course 3: Help with Physical Pain, Introduction to Sitting Meditation (Basic Breathing Meditation)
  • Course 4: Emotional Stress and Anxiety, Sitting Meditation (Basic Breathing Meditation)
  • Course 5: Role Stress and Time Pressure, Sitting Meditation (Breathing Meditation)
  • Course 6: Taking Care of Yourself, Sitting Meditation (Breathing Meditation)
  • Course 7: Performance and Function, Sitting Meditation (Presence)
  • Course 8: Change Your Life, Sitting Meditation (Presence)

The courses are conducted online via Zoom video conferences. For this you need a computer or smartphone with internet access and a camera and microphone. I also offer courses personally in Bingen am Rhein, where the safety of the participants is the top priority.